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Circa "Sea Salt & Vanilla" Replacement Scent Stems

Circa "Sea Salt & Vanilla" Replacement Scent Stems

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Some scents are simply made for each other, and the sparkle of Sea Salt with the creaminess of Vanilla is sure to make a splash. With whimsical wafts of Jasmine and Driftwood, this energising fragrance will have your home feeling as crisp as a breezy seaside morning.


Top: Sea Salt, Marine notes

Middle: Jasmine, Nectarine

Base: Vanilla, Driftwood

Each packet contains 5 Scent Stems and provides 30 days of fragrance once opened and placed in the Liquidless Diffuser, or another vessel of your choice. Flame-free and spill-proof, these scent stems are perfect for busy households or high-traffic areas. Using dry diffusion technology, these stems infuse any space with inviting, evocative fragrance, so you can mix and match to create your own unique blend. Fragrance strength can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of Scent Stems used to suit your size of room or preference.

Ceramic Scent Stem Holder sold separately.

Owned, designed, and made in Australia. Not tested on animals and vegan friendly.

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