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Artisan Real Rust - Base Coat

Artisan Real Rust - Base Coat

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Real Rust can be used on pretty much any surface including plastic, timber, resin, metal, fibreglass, cement, terracotta and so much more. It gives an authentic rust appearance that ages just like real wrought iron and is so easy to apply.

Simply clean and scuff the surface to be painted. Start with Artisan Real Rust Base Coat. Stir the base well to ensure the metal filaments are dispersed throughout the paint and then paint a generous layer, using a stippling motion to replicate the rough surface of rusted items. (Here’s a tip – use an old or cheap throwaway brush.)

Allow to dry and then apply a second coat of Real Rust Base. For large items it is effective if you try applying a coat of Artisan Chalk Finish in Noir first and then apply a generous layer of Real Rust Base Coat. Once touch dry, apply the Real Rust Activator using a the same old brush. You will see the colour start to change from black to a very deep brown in a few minutes. The rusting process is a chemical reaction that will be faster in warmer conditions, so you can speed up the rusting process by placing your item in a warm place, and also by misting with water a couple of times over the next few hours.

Like all rust, the first stages can be a brighter orange rust, but the process will continue over the next 24 hours producing a lovely mellow aged patina. We recommend wearing gloves and PPE while using Real Rust as the base coat contains superfine metal filaments that can act as tiny splinters and the Activator is an acidic solution that may cause skin irritation. However, the results are worth it!

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