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"You Always Feel Better When" Book

"You Always Feel Better When" Book

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Five-Minute Reset Exercises to Change the Day (in a Good Way)

Things can get better surprisingly quickly. This reflective activity book is a place to get a little calmer, more energized, more at home in your body, more fully alive. It's a place to remember that feeling better is possible in all kinds of ways. And it's a place to do something small that can change your whole day.
Inside you'll find short, bite-sized exercises to shake things up, shift your perspective, and invite a sense of calm. From taking a moment to relive a favorite memory to writing down a new intention to showing appreciation for who you are, each approachable prompt is a chance to settle into yourself and understand your needs more deeply.
Simple yet thoughtful activities help you make any day a bit brighter:
- Orient to your surroundings. Turn your head slowing and look around the room. Let your curiosity and what feels good guide you.
- Scan your body from top to bottom. What is the part that feels most tense or most painful, most eager for your attention?
- What's a feeling you'd like to pay closer attention to right now? If this feeling had a color, shape, and/or texture, how would you describe it?

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