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Sustainable Bamboo Toothbrush

Sustainable Bamboo Toothbrush

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Eco-friendly, Charcoal Infused Bristles and Antibacterial

LOVEBYT Eco-friendly Sustainable Bamboo Toothbrushes are here to support your plastic-free oral care routine.

The finest Japanese Binchoton charcoal-infused bristles naturally polish and lift stains from enamel, as well as absorbing odours in your mouth. The medium-soft nylon bristles are BPA-free and highly elastic, ensuring a longer life usage and anti-deformation.

Our MOSO Bamboo Toothbrush are made from premium Bamboo that is humidified, oiled then dried with fire and laid outside, naturally hardening the fibre and improving durability. MOSO Bamboo is the highest renewable giant bamboo species.

2 x Brushes

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