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al.ive body

al.ive body - Coconut & Wild Orange Hand & Body Wash

al.ive body - Coconut & Wild Orange Hand & Body Wash

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The al.ive body Australian made hand & body range combines product purity with designer aesthetics to stimulate your senses and shape your surroundings.

Our Coconut & Wild Orange Hand & Body Wash contains a luxurious blend of naturally derived ingredients, fortified with essential oils and native botanical extracts.

  • Coconut Oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids to moisturise and smooth the skin.

  • Orange Peel Oil elevates the mood and promotes skin radiance and clarity.

  • Wild Orange Extract is high in vitamin C to protect, purify and brighten skin.

Our 500ml bottles are 100% recyclable and made from HDPE plastic, our trays are made from ABS plastic, for its durability and are designed for longevity.

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